Laser head 2.5w/3500mw/5500mw/7w 405nm 12V Blue Laser For DIY CNC Laser engraver

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Model Number: 445-450nm laser 15w
model: YPS-P3370-2.5/3.5/5.5/7
wavelength: 445-450nm
Output Power: 2.5/3.5/5.5/7W
Working current: 1800/2000/3600/4500ma
Voltage: 12V
Optical part: Focusing lens
Spot mode: Point shape
life span: 8000h


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1. Where is the TTL port? I can only see the PWM?    

TTL and PWM is compatible and you can only choose one of them. It means that you can connect this module's PWM port

 to the PWM (or TTL) port on the control board of your engraver. But make sure the voltage supply of that port is DC 5V.

2. How can I connect this module to the my engraver?    

If you don't need the PWM function, you can directly connect the power port to Motor Port (12V, GND) on Eleksmaker board

and leave the PWM port unconnected.      

User must read:    

1. Laser module power is relatively large, only for industrial use, to prohibit the exposure of the     

eye, otherwise it will cause permanent blindness, the consequences at your own risk.    

2. Do not use in flammable and gas atmospheres to avoid fire and explosion.    

3. Prohibit children from exposure to this laser product.    

4. Do not open the module to avoid damage.        

Can not processed metals, glass, stone, ceramics, jewelry, silver, reflective material, translucent material.    

Carving wood / bamboo / paper / plastic / leather / rubber / horn.    

Can cut paper-thin / light wood / sponge paper / felt / fabric / sticker.