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What preparations need to do to get started with an engraving machine?

Posted by Haicheng Zhu on

1. Product type: Which industry product do you want to engrave? craft? stone carving? Shaped metal parts engraving? Discharge electrode? and what size of products you want to make? what accuracy you require? First need to make clear what you want to make with a cnc machine,  see what kind of products you make, choose the appropriate model according to your own products. 2. Budget: Check how much money you will invest on a cnc machine. Although price is not the most important because now almost all equipment can be paid in installments, there are still some customers they care a lot on machine price, maybe these people are not looking for a most suitable machine, just a most cost effective one. 3.Programming: A person who know how to design 3D drawings and generate G code. or with any experience in using Artcam, powermill,...

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