Mini portable fiber laser metal engraving machine JPT LP-20W fiber laser

  • $2,400.00

How to choose the laser source of fiber laser marking machine?

Raycus /MAX /JPT are different laser source brands with the same function,

But Raycus and MAX are good at deep carving, hollow design and cutting, while Jpt is good at carving with delicate touch.

How to choose a lens?(Work area)

The same lens, the higher the power, the deeper the engraving,

Same power, smaller lens, deeper engraving,

The advantage of the larger lens is the larger engraving area, the disadvantage is the weaker light.

The advantage of the smaller lens is that it can engrave deeper depths, the disadvantage is the small engraving area.

For metal cutting, we recommend that you choose a Raycus or MAX laser source and a smaller lens.

Packing list:

1* Laser marking machine

1* Goggles

1* Foot switch

1* Power line

1* U-disk(software)

1* USB 2.0 Line

1* Tool protection