Rotary Axis 80mm for Fiber Laser Marking Machine ring marking

  • $210.00

Rotary axis for fiber laser marking machine 360 degree rotation marking Rotary elastic mounting. Fast loading and unload

1. Adapt to the 360 degree rotation marking of inner ring and outer ring of various rings

2. The use of precision 42 stepper motor and driver, to ensure that the marking does not take place, no leakage.

3. All workpieces of this rotary fixture are precision CNC machined and beautiful.

Advantages: Rotary elastic mounting. Fast loading and unloading improve efficiency.


Voltage:220V or 110V


Brand: ChinaCNCzone


Clamp Diameter: 80mm

Claw quantity: 3


Motor: 57*76mm(SNOWIT) With 2 Meter wire

RE: Highversion:

1. High version 250mm

2.High version: 130mm

3.High version support 180 degree adjust

Application: Fiber laser marking / Laser welding / CO2 laser engraving