Stepper Motor Driver M542 50V 4.2A 128M for CNC Engraver machine 42/57 Motor

Stepper Motor Driver M542 50V 4.2A 128M for CNC Engraver machine 42/57 Motor

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Brand Name: cnczone
Model Number: M542 Driver Board
Motor Type: Stepper Motor
Voltage: 24-50V
Recommend : 36V
Current: 1.0-4.2A
Microstep: 2-128M
Original: China


Stepper Motor Driver M542 CNC Stepping Motor Driver Board Stepper Driver M542 50V 4.2A 128M for CNC Engraver machine 42/57 Motor


 Introduction :

M542 is a  type of two-phase hybrid stepping motor driver, The drive voltage of which is from 20VDC to 50VDC. It is designed for use with 2-phase hybrid stepper motor of all kinds with 42mm to 86mm outside diameter and less than 4.0A phase current. This circuit that it adopts is similar to the circuit of servo control which enables the motor run smoothly almost without noise and vibration. Hording torque when M542 run under high speed is also significantly higher than the other two-phase driver, what‘s more, the positioning accuracy is also higher. It is widely used in middle and big size numerical control devices such as curving machine, CNC machine, Computer embroider machine, packing machines and so on.

 Features : 

    High performance, cost-effective    
    Supply voltage up to +50 VDC    
    Output current up to 4.2A    
    Self-adjustment technology    
    Pure-sinusoidal current control technology    
    Pulse input frequency up to 300 KHz    
    TTL compatible and optically isolated input    
    Automatic idle-current reduction    
    15 selectable resolutions in decimal and binary, up to 25,600 steps/rev    
    Suitable for 2-phase and 4-phase motors    
    Support PUL/DIR and CW/CCW modes    
    Short-voltage, over-voltage, over-current protections  


 Introduction :  

The M542 V2.0 is a high performance microstepping drive based on pure-sinusoidal current control technology. Owing to the above technology and the self-adjustment technology (self-adjust current control parameters) according to different motors, the driven motors can run with smaller noise, lower heating, smoother movement and have better performances at higher speed than most of the drives in the markets. It is suitable for driving 2-phase and 4-phase hybrid stepping motors.





3 * M542 Driver Board




 After-sales service process : 

1/ After-sales service contains:
a.    Machine installation and adjustment
b.    Software Settings and using (not include G code programming)
c.    Machine quality problem
d.    the machine using problem

2/ When the machine have problem:
a.    Machine problem pictures or video is asked.
b.    General problem solve way will be supplied in 1~2 days,
       Complex problem solve way will be supplied in 2~3 days.

3/ General problem solve way: (Machine warranty is 1 year, Cutters don’t have warranty, they are consumables)
a.    Machine operation and installation problem, we will supply video or pictures to show you.
b.    Machine quality problem, machine parts will be resent free.

We have our engineer team can support after-sales service, please be assured to purchase from us:

engineer team4


 Youtube video followed:

if you want to get more video links and manual,software of this machine,please feel free to contact us.

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