Dust protection of woodworking engraving machine

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Processing industry, the use of mini cnc engraving machines is becoming more and more common, and diversified processing methods have gradually turned to automated production and processing. However, an important problem in the processing of engraving machines has always plagued most manufacturers and users,that is there will be a lot of dust occurs during the processing of engraving machines. So how the dust problem of the woodworking machines should be handled:

When process some materials with a lot of dust, if there is no dust protection or no vacuum will bring certain damage to the machine and people! To basically remove the dust purification, it is necessary to take a professional management path, start from the production equipment, use advanced dust cleaning and mechanical equipment to complete a certain dust-proof and dust-removing effect.

However, under the previous conditions, the most effective method is to choose a dust removal device.

It is worth noting that at present, there is no manufacturer of CNC engraving machine with large-scale vacuum equipment, but it can also provide good effects by adding a single vacuum and dust collection equipment to machine . For safety reasons, operators also need to wear protective glasses and dust masks to protect the eyes and respiratory organs, especially those who operate on machine tools that produce fine wood dust. Wear large masks to avoid dust damage. Users who use woodworking engraving machines should pay attention to protecting the respiratory tract and prevent the dust pass into the nasal cavity! Long time operation with dust will be a great harm to the body!

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