Mini cnc machine daily maintenance guide

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The appearance of cnc engraving machine greatly improved the efficiency of working. After purchased the CNC engraving machine, few of the customers will pay attention to the maintenance of machines. Here are some simple explanations of the machine maintenance.

First of all: Most parts of the CNC engraving machine related to the electronic equipment. The dust around the machine will accumulate in the mainframe of the computer. Especially in the summer, if the computer does not dissipate heat well, it will easily burn the circuit board, in order to keep the computer running smoothly, also need to regularly virus clearance and clear up the computer hardware and software.

Secondly, it is necessary to clean the lead screw, industrial control box and circuit board regularly, and clean the working table in time, including the guide rail and material debris next to the guide rail to prevent the machine suddenly stop due to debris interference.

Thirdly: Slowly move back and forth after adding oil to ensure the lubricant can be evenly applied to the guide rail and the lead screw. If the cnc milling machine is not used for a long time, it should be lubricated regularly to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system. First clean the rails and lead screws with a cloth (without hair removal), to clean off the oil and material scraps on the rails and lead screws. When with the low temperature, both the guide rail and the lead screw should be added with oil, and it is best to add antifreeze oil. To add oil once every two months will be ok.

Finally: When using mini cnc milling machine in winter, be sure to pour out the water in the tank and spindle when not using the machine to prevent the water tank and water pipes from freezing. The temperature of the operation workshop should better be higher. The temperature itself has little effect on the wood cnc machine working, but in winter if the user added oil on the rails and the screws and frozen up, which leads to the machine can't run smoothly.

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