Safety Operation Guide of CNC Engraving Machine

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CNC engraving machines has been widely used in different fields, and the usage rate is increasing year by year, which makes the safety operation guide to be very important. As the rapid development of equipment, there is also a choke point, that is the lack of real CNC engraving machine operators, many factories have operators on duty only with a simple understanding of the machines, that makes it easy to leave a security risk in operation, so here we summarized some knowledge of safety operation from following 5 aspects:

  1. When the machine is running, do not try to make any adjust . If there is a fault happens, the power must be cut off first, then check and repair to avoid any hurts caused by the high-speed working engraving machine;
  1. During the engraving process, remember to wear gloves to clean the engraving debris or touch the engraving spindle, because the high speed running spindle will involve the gloves and hands so easily, which is very dangerous.
  1. When using cnc engraving machine for processing, do remove cutters first then load or unload the working piece to avoid any hurts caused by sharp tools.

 4. Do not touch any electronic devices , circuits to avoid electric shock or disorder the circuit lines causing unnecessary fault lights, when limit switches or controller system have problems, should contact the manufacturer in time to solve.

  1. Before using of our cnc engraving machines, at first, customers should read our operation guide manual carefully then start to install software and machine, all customers will get a user manual from our company after ordered our machines, if you did not get, do contact us for help.

As a fully automatic mechanical production equipment, we should pay more attention to safety operation guide on CNC engraving machine . When problems happened, do contact the manufacturer timely. In the daily use, it will also help to accumulate experience for you, so as to improve your operating level.

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