How to choose a suitable mini cnc machine?

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With the increasing application of CNC engraving machines, stone cnc router, jewelry cnc router, woodworking, advertising engraving, jade carving metal cutting and so on. More and more people choose to start a business with cnc engraving machine, that makes it important to choose a suitable cnc engraving machine.

CNC engraving machines include wood engraving machines, stone engraving machines, advertising engraving machines, glass engraving machines, laser engraving machines, plasma engraving machines, and laser cutting machines,  basically with similar characteristics.

Functionally, the CNC engraving machine is divided into two types: small power engraving machine and big power engraving machine.

The small power engraving machine refers to the engraving machine with less power of engraving spindle and motors (generally 80-200W). Because of its small power , it can only be applied to fine processing with less cutting surface, not for big power engraving and cutting, which is more suitable for DIY hand-carving etc., and requires more of technical accumulation.

The big power engraving machine refers to an engraving machine with a spindle and motor power of over 700W. This type of engraving machine can  perform not only small power engraving, but also big power engraving and cutting, even for metal working.

For example: jade engraving, metal stamps engraving, stone lettering, wood cutting, etc. Because of its high power, faster engraving and greater processing depth, it is suitable for high accuracy working.

According to market demand, Chinacnczone produce mini cnc machines with 80W, 500W, 800w,1.5kw,2.2kw spindle power for different machine models. Our small power machine like 80W main for some soft materials like wood, plastic, PCB, acrylic engraving; 500W and 800W and 1500W can be used for some soft metals like aluminum; 2200W equipped on different machine models for different use, aluminum structure machines with 2200W main for soft metals working; steel structure machines with 2200W spindle for hard metal like stainless steel, iron , copper and stone etc.

We have machines with 3axis , 4axis and 5axis for options, 3axis for emboss working, 4axis and 5axis for 3D working, 4axis main for cylinder materials, 5axis for more complicated shapes.

Also different machines with different accuracy , when you have no idea which machine to choose, please click Contact us and send email to us, our professional people will recommend a suitable machine for you.

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