What is the function of limit switch on mini cnc machines ?

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The limit switch is the most common accessory in mini cnc machines. It is small but very important. Many customers confused what is the limit switch for, some even inadvertently touch the limit switch during the use of the CNC engraving machine which lead to the happen of engraving machine failure. The limit switch, also known as the travel switch, which is mounted on a relatively stationary object or a moving object. When the moving object approaches the stationary object, the contact of it's link drive switch causes the closed contact breaking or the open contact to close.    

The limit switch of the woodworking engraving machine is the starting point of the stroke of the machine. It is for preventing engraving failures caused by exceeding the range of the machine during engraving. Therefore, the reason why the limit switch is triggered during working mainly has the following two points, customers should analyze and solve these problems according to the situation that happens.

  1. The engraving path is beyond the engraving range: need to set the soft limit in the software parameters setting.
  2. When using mini cnc machines, customers should make a reasonable engraving range design, set the corresponding software parameters. Also check the flexibility of limit switches frequently.

Therefore, for CNC engraving machines, the limit switch is one of the indispensable accessories. Customer should check the performance of limit switches carefully before the use of the machine to avoid the failure of limit switches . The good performance of the limit switch also protects the machine from damage caused by the machine failure.

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