What is the outlook for the CNC engraving machine industry?

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Theoretically,CNC engraving machine is a kind of drilling and milling combined processing method . With reasonable way of use,CNC engraving can become a profitable occupation!

The small CNC engraving machine is mainly light-weight structure, which limits the working mode of CNC engraving:“small cutters process”, in fact, this is also the "professional advantage" of CNC engraving. Because the small cnc machines can do the fine jobs which big machines can not do. Due to the unique characteristics of small CNC engraving, it is more suitable in the following industries: mold engraving industry and advertising engraving industry.

The performance use and application range of small CNC engraving machines

  1. Woodworking industry like furniture decoration, musical instrument industry, wooden artworks industry, solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture, solid wood art murals, cabinet windows, bedside tables, etc.         
  1. The mold industry for various molds, wood molds, aviation wood molds, propellers, automobile foam molds, etc.
  1. Shoe mold and sole model processing. Shoemakingis a world-wide industry, shoe material and sole processing is the main production link of the footwear industry! CNC engraving machine can be used for making sole model (generation wood), shoe material high frequency (high frequency) mold and cut leather mold with artistic curved surfaces as the main form.
  1. Drop plastic (micro-injection) mold and doll mold processing.

         Drop mold is the main production tool for drop plastic gifts, which is a typical thin-walled product, single-piece small batch, consistency and high accuracy required. High requirements! CNC engraving is especially good at the processing of curved surface thin-walled parts of brittle materials such as No. 59 copper.

  1. Watch parts processing and light CNC machining.This is a typical application of light CNC equipment, professional equipment professional use, high production efficiency and low investment cost!                        CNC engraving can be efficiently used in milling, drilling and engraving on different surfaces, such as for watch case, ornament carving, stamps carving, product lettering, mold lettering, hot stamping template, printing offset and so on.                          Emboss(Grain carving) knurling and cylindrical workpiece engraving. knurling is the main production method of leather, decorative paper and other products. CNC engraving on leather embossing roller and paper (Napkin, wrapping paper, wallpaper) is very special.

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